What is mind? Part One…

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris



It’s very difficult to define mind. Our thinking process is very complicated which is controlled by our brain. The main purpose of our thinking process is decision making. In this world, if you want to survive, continuously  you have to make decisions. Our thinking process can be divided into two important segments. One part is independent of any type of influence and another one is the part which is severely influenced by the surroundings. The latter one is your mind.


When you are asked any question, normally your brain analyzes information which was previously input in your brain and your brain comes to an conclusion. Here you are not influenced by the environment.


When you see any road accident or have a clash with your loved one, you mentally get depressed. These types of incidence have a negative effect on your thinking process. This is what you don’t expect. On the other hand, getting good marks in exams, motivational words have a positive effect on your thinking. This is what you expect. This time you are thinking positively, your confidence level is on high. This is all about your thinking, this is your mind!

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

There is a important relationship between these two pats of your thinking. Depression or motivation eventually process new information in your brain and you takes decision based on these information in the future. You are either mentally depressed or happy. There is no middle state between these two.


Your mind is the weakest part of your thinking. There are two groups of human in this world. One are those who are controlled by their mind and the others have control over their mind. You can’t avoid influence but you can control your decision making. You have got the ability by born to choose the right information to make a decision. The second group has mastered this ability. These are the persons who have the so called strong mentality.


There are different factors by which people get influenced. This is why you think in a unique way, what others don’t do. This is the reason behind misunderstanding between you and your surroundings.


There is a complex relationship between your mind, your heart and your soul. It’s really complicated………



3 thoughts on “What is mind? Part One…

  1. awesome dost..superlike..give some others writings too….

    • Mohammad Arafat Siddiqui

      I am working on the last line………….may be I’ll be able to find a way by the blessings of Alloah!

  2. yah……..valuable information thats we need to know……

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